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Prevail Energy™ Nutritional Facts and Ingredients

The Valentus  Prevail Energy™

is a GREAT way to Enhance

your Healther Lifestyle! 

Prevail Energy Nutrition Facts:

Guarana Seed:

Used for years as a natural energizer and natural cognitive stimulant, this natural ingredient is sure to keep you wide eyed and bushy tailed throughout your entire day.

Guarana is a staple in most energy shots (one of the few natural ingredients in them) and are known to release steady natural energy through the day and with little to no crash after, it’s the obvious choice for all of you ‘Go getter’s out there.


Maqui Berry:

The Maqui berry is a natural Antioxidant retaining berry that aids in the prevention of free radicals in your body, and are shown to have THE highest concentration Antioxidants on the market to date!.

Very high in Anthocyanins which are proteins that help your body to produce insulin and help to stabilize sugar levels in the body.

Their anti-inflammatory properties are highly sought after in most anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen and others. The Maqui berry is one of the world’s few genuine SuperFoods!


Green Tea:

Used and enjoyed throughout much of Asia and India as a powerful Antioxidant and even used by rural physicians in older times to aid in the taming of bad cholesterol and to treat some minor heart diseases at the time.

A natural energy enhancer, it was often used and consumed during the day to provide a natural free flowing energy that lasted most of the day and of course had no fall backs with crashes.


Gotu Kola:

For thousands of years in India, China and Indonesia this plant has been used to treat wounds and heal ailments such as psoriasis and even Leprosy! Impressed yet?

Well there is still more to come, as Gotu Kola is also used to treat stomach ulcers a variety of STD’s, mental fatigue, epilepsy, fever and even asthma.

Known widely as “the fountain of life” for its many previously mentioned benefits but also as an aid in potentially prolonging life with its many cardiovascular benefits such as treating varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency (a condition where blood pools in your legs).



Long ago before time and history was even recorded, Maca was used to increase energy and stamina by Inca warriors in the battlefield.

As well as being a main ingredient in most ED medication, this super root is extremely rich in Vitamins B, C and E and known to increase blood flow to key parts of the brain.

Maca a natural mood enhancer releases endorphins and raises your mood in a safe natural way unlike most other pharmaceuticals. Feeling tired or sluggish?

Well maca is a great way to increase energy levels naturally and steadily as you go about your daily routine.


Rhodiola Rosea:

Has been used in traditional medicine in Eastern Europe and Asia with a hard reputation for nerve system stimulation.

Rhodiola Rosea has been used by ancient peoples to treat anything from fatigue to certain cancers with its Adaptagan as a main catalyst. Also used to battle altitude sickness and work productivity as a natural mood balancer.

This plant is thought of highly in the Eurasia regions for its uses in muscle recovery such as torn muscles and strains. Loved by the forgetful community for its properties that enhance memory and brain functionality for the young and old alike.


Siberian Ginseng:

An extremely popular energy tonic used in china since ancient times. Only having been recognized in the west once Russian scientist (I.I .Brekhman) realized its notable use for stress relief (1954) and increase of endurance for physical strain in the men and women who took the herb.

Used to increase and enhance mental sharpness, this herb is heralded for its ability to ward off flu and cold. Adaptagen an ingredient shown to reduce the cells reaction to stress put on the body by daily upheavals that we all have to go through.

Also thought to increase body productivity and aid in cardiovascular health such as reducing varicose veins which give most elderly people an increased risk for heart attack and blood clots, and we all know that’s a plus!


Prevail Energy™ is a powder you mix in your drink.  For a healthy energy boost simply open packet and mix contents with 12-16 oz. of cold or hot water.  For maximum energy, mix two packets with 12-16 oz. of water.  I utilize the dual packet when going to a gym workout or working an extra long shift at work!  Comes in handy with long drives and traveling abroad also.

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