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The Official Compensation Plan
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Valentus Compensation Plan

by | May 12, 2018

Valentus launched the ultimate compensation plan with a profit structure unparalleled by any pay plan in the direct marketing industry. Four top pay plan experts got together and equipped Valentus with 7 POWER BONUSES that can help you achieve the lifestyle of your dreams faster than was ever possible before.




 >   $100 Unblocked to Unlimited Levels


>   Up to 100,000 per week


   *   7 Generations Starting at 25%




      –  $400 To $3000 Monthly

Web Site/Back Office – $20.00 (USD) one-time activation fee. No annual fee.


Products Packs:

Basic  Pack  –  1 Box for  $59.00   –  50BV

Qualified as an Independant Representative (IR) for the remainder of the month.

Starter Pack  –  3 Boxes for  $129.00  –  100BV

 Qualified as Gold (IR) for the remainder of the month you join, plus the entire following month.

Advanced  Pack  –  6 Boxes for  $199.00  –  150BV

Qualified as Platinum (IR) for the remainder of the month you join, plus the entire following month.

Business Builder Pack  –  16 Boxes  for  $499  –  400BV

Automatically Qualified as a Ruby (IR) if you fill a 100BV Loyalty purchase order  for no later than following month.  Maintain a 100BV order for 6 consecutive months and automatically be qualified as an Emerald (IR)

1.  Retail Commissions  –  Paid Weekly

25%. All orders from your web site count as personal BV towards your monthly requirement for commissions. To earn retail commissions, you must maintain a minimum of 50BV personal volume each month (Loyalty purchase optional).

Preferred Customers Referral Program – Refer TWO and yours is FREE

Preferred customers purchase at wholesale $59.00 (USD) per box on auto order. If they refer TWO Preferred Customers who set up and purchase an auto order (product value equal to or greater than their own auto order), then their next month’s auto order is FREE (shipping and applicable taxes not included).

2.  Fast Start (First Order) Bonus  –  Paid Weekly

There is no differential upgrade. If your first order is the Basic, Starter or Advanced pack, you will be required to purchase the entire Business Builder Pack should you decide to upgrade and qualify as a Ruby IR.  Upgrade purchases are commissionable under the Fast Start Bonus.

Subsequent whole packages purchases are commissionable in the Dual Team Cycle Structure.

3.  Legacy Enrollment Bonus  –  $100 (USD) Paid Weekly

 This $100.00 (USD) bonus is paid on the $499 Business Builder Packs at the time of enrollment. 

 You must be Ruby IR qualified (have purchased a Business Builder Pack) and have an active 100BV Autoship order on file to qualify for this bonus.

Your first THREE Ruby IR enrollments pay the $100 Legacy Enrollment Bonus to your first generation upline enroller who is Ruby IR qualified. 

After you have successfully enrolled your first three Ruby IR’s, beginning with your FOURTH personal Ruby IR enrollment and onwards thereafter, the $100 Legacy Enrollment Bonus will be paid to you and on every $499 Business Builder Package that you personally sponsor, and any additional Ruby IR’s that are enrolled and sponsored by your entire legacy organization down to unlimited levels, unblocked.

Each of the IR’s they enroll in their Foundation Team are linked to you in your Legacy Team.

This means that each IR in your Legacy Team must enroll 3 IR’s that are in your Legacy Team before they start their own Legacy Team.

You receive the first three qualified Ruby IR’s from each enrollee of your “Legacy-Coded” Reps,
who in turn are coded to you, as are their first 3, and so on…UNLIMITED.

4.  Dual Team Cycle Commissions  –  $20 (USD) Per Cyle  –  Paid Weekly

The Fast Start Bonuses and Legacy Enrollment Bonuses are paid out first before any BV is calculated in the Dual Team Commissions Structure.

The boxes below shows the amount of BV from each of the First Order Product Packages that is calculated in the Dual Team Commission Structure.

Basic   –  1 Box   –  20 BV  Dual Team (first order only).

50 BV Dual Team  (Additional Orders)

Starter   –  3 Boxes    –  40 BV  Dual Team (first order only).

100 BV Dual Team  (Additional Orders)

Advanced   –  6 Boxes   –  60 BV  Dual Team (first order only).

150 BV Dual Team  (Additional Orders)

Business Builder   –  16 Boxes   –  100 BV  Dual Team (first order only).     

400 BV Dual Team  (Additional Orders)

Any additional Product Packages or orders purchased after the First Order and monthly autoships are calculated in the Dual Team Commissions Structure using 100% of the BV value. 

You cycle every time the computer sees 200BV on your stronger team and 100BV on your lesser team, with a weekly earnings potential of up to $100,000 (USD). 

All Dual Team Commissions are subject to the IR reaching the required qualifications.

To qualify for Dual Team Cycle Commissions you are required to personally purchase a Product Pack of 50BV or greater and sponsor a minimum of two (2) IR’s — one on the left and one on the right team — who purchase a Product Pack of 50BV or greater.

If you do not satisfy the Dual Team Cycle Commissions qualification, but maintain a minimum 50BV in personal volume monthly, the computer will automatically accumulate and store unpaid sales volumes in your team(s).

Each week you cycle, your lesser leg matches your strong leg (100 to 200).  All of the Volume for all of the cycles available on your account is deducted.  Next, your rank determines the maximum number cycles you can be paid on each week, and the income of each cycle. If there are more cycles worth of Volume on your account than your rank’s cycle cap, the Volume for ALL cycles is deducted, and you will be paid on your rank’s cycle cap

If your account has the Volume for more cycles than your rank’s cycle cap, you will be paid on your rank’s maximum number of cycles, but the Volume for all cycles will be deducted.  Any remaining volume will carry over to the next pay period.


Rank Achievement Requirements:

Dual Team Commissions, Maximum Cycle Earnings, Maximum Match Earnings and Car Bonus:

5. SEVEN Levels Dual Team Matching Bonuses – Paid Weekly

This bonus is earned on the Dual Team Cycle Commissions earnings of all IR’s in your personal enrollment tree, unlimited.

Must maintain a qualified Monthly 100BV order.

6. Enrollment Pool Bonus – Paid Monthly

Share values will be determined by dividing the total number of all qualified IR’s that have PS&Q at least 3 new Ruby IR’s in the same qualifying month.  The more sets of three (3) PS&Q Ruby IR’s you produce, the more shares you earn (ex: 6 PS&Q Ruby IR’s in one calendar month equals 2 shares in the pool; 9 PS&Q Ruby IR’s equals 3 shares, etc.)

This bonus is calculated separately on each calendar month, and is paid by the 10th of the following month.

A $499 Business Builder Pack enrollment counts towards one of the three PS&Q Ruby IR’s required to get one share within this pool ONLY, when an IR orders a Business Builder Pack as their first order.

Upgrades to a Business Builder Pack and/or Loyalty BV retail sales exceeding 400BV in future orders do not count towards earning a share in the Enrollment Bonus Pool, unless those purchases are made in the same enrollment month.


~ Personally sponsor AND qualify (PS&Q) 3 new Ruby IR’s in the SAME calendar month,

~ Personally produce 100BV for the same calendar month,

~ Qualifies One (1) Share in the 1% Enrollment Pool.

7. Vehicle Bonus – Paid Monthly

The Car Bonus is earned beginning at the rank of Diamond, and continues for ranks above, and is paid to the qualified IR beginning after two consecutive months of maintaining this status. For example, if you become a fully qualified Diamond in the month of April, and maintain the qualified rank of Diamond for the month of May, you will receive your first Car Bonus in the month of June. Cars must be 2years old or newer.

Monthly BV Production Requirements:

To earn certain bonuses in the Valentus compensation plan, a Valentus IR is required to personally produce a minimum amount of monthly business volume (BV), either through personal business volume, and/or selling product(s) through the Valentus IR website to a retail customer(s).

An equivalent (or greater) amount of Valentus product BV under the IR’s personal account is required to be achieved and maintained on a calendar month basis, in order to receive the corresponding commissionable entitlements:

1. 50BV per calendar month is required to earn monthly Retail Commissions.

2. 50BV per calendar month is required to earn the Fast Start (First Order) Bonus on all personally enrolled Basic, Starter and Advanced Packages. 100BV is required to earn Fast Start (First Order) Bonus on all personally enrolled Business Builder Packages.

3. 100BV per calendar month is required to earn the Legacy Qualification Bonus.

4. 100BV per calendar month is required to earn Dual Team Cycle Commissions for Gold IR’s and above.

5. 100BV per calendar month required to earn Dual Team Matching Bonus.

6. 100BV per calendar month is required to earn Enrollment Pool Bonus.

7. 100BV per calendar month is required to earn Vehicle Bonus.

Bonus Schedule:

Weekly bonuses are paid every Friday, based on the sales of the previous week.

Monthly bonuses are paid on the 10th of the following month, based on the sales of the previous month.


This is a non-flushing dual team plan.

Any unused BV that was not eligible for qualification or used to calculate Dual Team Commissions will continue to accumulate in your left and right teams and will be used in future sales cycles when the accumulation BV amounts and Dual Team qualifications are achieved.

Unused BV that is retained in your left and right teams that has not been utilized after 12 months of inactivity may be subject to a flushing revision, at Valentus Inc.’s discretion.

Rank Advancement:

Any rank you achieve in a given week will be activated and paid according to that rank the following week.

Any unqualified rank, beginning from the rank of Diamond IR or above, who may have lost their active weekly or monthly Diamond IR or above qualification, will be granted a grace period of 30 days in order to re-qualify and retain their Diamond IR or above rank benefits.

Disclaimer Valentus is a direct-to-consumer organization that designs, manufactures and markets exclusive products. We don’t believe in get rich quick programs. We believe in hard work, dedication, adding value and serving others. As stipulated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools, compensation systems or strategies. We don’t know you and, besides, your results in business are up to you and solely determined by your efforts, resources, connections, dedication and application. Nothing in this document or any of our websites is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings, and we do not offer any legal, medical, tax or other professional advice. Any financial numbers referenced here, or on any of our websites, are simply of an educational nature describing how our programs work and should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings. All numbers are illustrative only. For any concerns beyond the scope of this document, we recommend you seek professional advice

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